Bourbon Barrel Art Project – Viewer’s Choice Vote

Viewer’s Choice Vote Page for Bourbon Barrel Art Project

Vote now for your favorite barrel.

Need to see them again? click here.

Voting closes at 5:00 PM on Friday, September 7, 2012.

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Bourbon Barrel Art Project – Viewer’s Choice Vote — 25 Comments

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  2. I love Farmer National Bank Barrel!! I’ve always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride!

  3. This could possibly turn out to be the best part of the festival! LOVE the creativity!

  4. So excited about the participation in this event. Artistic and imaginative effort deserve a vote on each barrel. Proud to be a part of Danville’s community.

  5. Barrels are beautiful. Wonder why they aren’t all on here for voting? One of them is missing.

  6. I absolutely love the Paps barrel with accessories. Can you add a “Buy It Now” button? If not do they have any more they would sell? Cool factor 1-10, this is a 10.1.

  7. Best of luck to all of you, but I had to vote with Ann! Love the horses! Bourbon & KY, isn’t that what we’re all about? LOL!

  8. Walt, you are holding back. Very nice work and all of the artist/barrels are winners in my book. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great Job everyone!!!! I admire everyone’s talent. Really proud of the Wilderness Trace Children.

  10. Awesome work!!! Hard to choose, but am biased towards CASA at Woodlawn :). Wish that there was a more public event for the viewing, auction. Many many people would love to be involved with his.

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