Moe Cason, Des Moines, IA

Moe Cason of Ponderosa BBQ Team will cooking at the Kentucky State BBQ Festival

Ponderosa BBQ Team is the name of Moe’s 1 man championship barbecue team out of Des Moines, Iowa. He has participated in 20 contests every year since 2006. Moe Cason was a finalist on last year’s BBQ Pitmasters show on The Learning Channel (TLC). He competed for $100,000 and the Kingsford Cup trophy against some of the biggest names in Barbeque.

KY State BBQ Festival BBQ Pitmasters finalists

Moe cooks competitively on the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) circuit using an Ole Hickory Pit and a Big Green Egg and is currently in the top twenty five in the country in the ribs and pork shoulder categories.

We are very pleased to have Moe Cason coming the 1st Annual Kentucky State BBQ Festival. This will be your chance to taste some of the creative Barbeque cooking that powered Moe’s drive to the BBQ Pitmasters Finals.


Moe Cason, Des Moines, IA — 8 Comments

  1. you go moe, we were right beside you in springfield, remember i was the one that actually caught on fire, remember, and burnt my butt, i hope you remember us, we sure remember how sweet and kind you were to me and our group, miss you and good luck to you, love the smokin hog snouts

  2. Ya reckon if I make it to the festival…we could have a word or two? I am looking to getting into Competition Q and have some questions. Would LOVE to try some of your Q!!

    • Hi Alan,

      Moe doesn’t read the comments on our website. Please come to the Festival and try to have a word with him. Just remember that our Pitmasters may be very busy, so have a bit of patience. They all love to talk BBQ. And yes, you would LOVE Moe’s Q!


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