Kentucky State BBQ Festival Photo Gallery — 3 Comments

  1. This sounds like a nice event. You should call it the Danville BarBQue Festival, though, becuase you have no mutton and not a single pitmaster from Kentucky. I’m sure there’ll be good eats there, but this is hardly representative of the State of Kentucky.

    • It’s a great event, Scott. And Kentucky BBQ isn’t just mutton, which is very popular in one area of the state. Kentucky is well represented by the Lucky Dog BBQ Team out of Danville. We discussed a lot of possible names, but Kentucky State BBQ Festival won out, and good thing because last year we drew attendees from every corner of the Commonwealth, all surrounding states and as far away as Colorado. Come out and see us – you’ll have a great time!

  2. My wife and I came over from Hazard and met my daughter and her family from Jamestown there. Free parking (within a block), kids had fun, good food, plenty of places to sit, great weather, great festival. Well done! Hope to be back for the 3rd ever.

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