Shelly Hunt, Angola, NY

Shelly Frisch HuntFor over a decade Desperados Barbecue & Catering has been entertaining and feeding crowds at annual events in Upstate New York and around the country. A fascination with regional cuisines and extensive travel gave Desperados the opportunity to sample barbecue fare from Mexico to Canada and everywhere in between.

“While we loved the vinegar or mustard based sauces from the Carolinas and the tomato based sauces throughout the midwest, nothing compared to the taste we found at ‘Desperados’ in Emporia, Kansas, our friends and namesake,” declares head Pitmaster Shelly Hunt. “Over a pool game and a promise the family revealed their most guarded barbecue secrets and a barbecue outlaw was born. After adding some ‘tips and tricks’ from the country’s most award winning pitmasters over the years (yes, just about everything we do is stolen!) and discovering the barbecue magic of a Genuine Friedrich Smokehouse, a restaurant, catering and festival business was formed.

Shelly Hunt and Desperados BBQ serving at Festival

Shelly Hunt and Desperados BBQ serving at Festival

“While our unique style of barbecue has consistently won awards at more than a dozen barbecue competitions, regional festivals and restaurant shows annually, we know the only judges that matter are the folks that stand in line day after day to taste the results and consistency they’ve come to expect from Desperados.”

Shelly is a member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society, a certified barbecue judge and serves on the board of directors of the National Barbecue Association located in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Membership in the association helped us assist in coordinating some of this year’s premier pitmasters for the 2011 State Kentucky BBQ Festival in beautiful downtown Danville and I sincerely hope this is just the beginning of an annual celebration of all that is que. We sure are looking forward to feeding y’all!”


Shelly Hunt, Angola, NY — 4 Comments

  1. I live in Somerset, KY but am originally from Buffalo, NY.
    I love to smoke meat and am so happy to see women (and especially one from the North) in the forefront of BBQ. Looking forward to meeting you in Danville.
    Nina Wilhelm

  2. Nina, We are so looking forward to this, thanks for the compliment on us woman of the north ! Be sure and introduce yourself so we can talk bbq and Buffalo ! If you’re ever up this way I hope you’ll come see our restaurant just south of the city. See you soon !

  3. My husband is from Buffalo and we lived in Silver Creek NY for about 10 years. One of our most favorite places to eat is Desperados in Angola!!! The bbq is great and the chicken wing soup is to die for! When we moved to KY last year (where I am originally from) a co-worker gave my husband a bottle of your sauce since we love it so much! It’s gone now so we’re looking forward to some Desperados!! YAY!!

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